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Academics, Service, and God's Word

Grades 6-8

Students at this level use their Chromebooks as an integral part of their academics. Digital delivery of material is part of everyday lessons. Reinforcement activities, project collaboration, and research lessons are embedded throughout the curriculum. Using platforms, such as Google Classroom and Google Docs, Grade 7/8 students also complete homework assignments in the evening by digital submission.  

Students are introduced to a wide variety of online programs to gain skills helpful for high school and beyond. Digital textbooks cut down on heavy books to carry around and promote active learning as the students engage with the text in brand new ways, through video and in-text personal responses. Study skills are promoted daily as students are introduced to digital flashcard creation and online self-testing. 

Grades 7/8 take their Chromebooks home every night. TLS utilizes GoGuardian to track and easily monitor each device, even when the students are at home.