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Academics, Service, and God's Word



1864     Trinity Lutheran School established.

1886     Immanuel Lutheran School established as a branch school.

1896     Immanuel Lutheran School established.

1974     Grades K-4 established at the Trinity building, Grades 5-8 at the Immanuel building

1983     Danville Lutheran School is a reality.

1991     Immanuel preschool became part of Danville Lutheran School

1995     NLSA Accreditation 

2002     Danville Lutheran School became an Association.

2004     NLSA Accreditation renewal

2007     Team teaching "pods" adopted for mixed grades

2011     NLSA Accreditation renewal

2017     DLS ReDesign, Early Learning Center at Immanuel (grades preschool-second),

             Advanced Learning Center at Trinity (grades third-eighth)

2019     DLS dissolves and once again becomes two separate schools: 

              Immanuel Lutheran School and Trinity Lutheran School.